Readers of WoodenBoat will be familiar with Sam's work. His drawings first appeared in WB #11 in 1976, and his work appeared over the course of six decades. 

Most notably is his work with Bud McIntosh in the book we published in 1988, titled How to Build a Wooden Boat. Between Bud's friendly writing style, and Sam's clear drawings, that book is a classic, and has never gone out of print. 

Here are some other books Sam illustrated: 

Keeping the Cutting Edge

The Dory Book 

The Complete Guide to Sailing

Drift Boats and River Dories

Sam not only illustrated books, he wrote them as well. He sent us a copy of a book he wrote which had gone out of print several years back... just in case we were interested in re-publishing it. He wouldn't have pushed, but he didn't need to. If only all our history teachers were this good. The book is New England Masts and the King's Broad Arrow. Short, beautifully illustrated, and a piece of history that many were simply not aware of. 

He also illustrated our poster which shows the structure of The Wooden Boat.

Sam created paper/cardboard model boats, which you can download, cut-out, and then tape together. Click THREE BOAT MODELS.

And, he wrote and illustrated the how-to for making a yacht boarding ladder. Take a look at our Boarding Ladder Plans.

AND Sam created illustrations using the "lino-cut" method, and we have created a set of NOTECARDS from that artwork. We liked those images so much, we created two T-shirts with the Dory and the Schooner on the backs.

For a bio piece on Sam, see WB 271

That's Sam on the cover of WB 99

Samuel F. Manning 1930-2019