Our Store catalog can be viewed in your browser, or with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The catalog is 66 pages, and can be a handy way to look at things, BUT, we  do have more on our Site, and we add new items constantly.

You may find the plans pages of special interest, as it's the first time we've grouped all plans together by type, then length. And this year we also grouped the newest books on a page of their own. Plus, if you're used to looking at our catalog, you may find things you've overlooked on our site, like all those Kathy Bray matted prints, and mini-framed prints. 

And, with anything you see in our PDF catalog, you can simple come back here to our site and quickly find the item by either typing the product name, or item number into the search field. 

And if you are thinking you missed getting our print catalog this fall, you are correct. This year is the first time in ages that we have not produced a "print" catalog. Times are indeed changing. 

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