Here's the quick run-down on how the kits "process". 

When you are ready to pay for the kit, contact us via email:, or 1.800.273.7447. We will then charge you for the kit, and then get a quote for freight costs. Warning: freight has gone up and we are seeing fees in the $700 to $1000 range, but it could be more. Once we have that fee, we will ask if you want to continue, and if you do, we will then need to charge you the freight and will ask for that payment (we don't hold credit card info). If you decide to not go through with the kit, then of course we will refund the kit charge. If you continue with the order, we will ship one box with plans, instructions, and some hardware bits  from Brooklin, Maine.  Then, in 3-8 weeks, the actual boat kit ships to you.  Kits ship only within the contiguous lower 48 US states.

These pre-cut kits are shipped from Maryland**, in several large, and heavy boxes, which weigh about 100 lbs each. Box measurements are shown below for the sailing version. You will need to be on-hand for delivery, and you'll want a minimum of two people. Don't count on the delivery driver to be your second person. Kits are typically delivered on big trucks, so if your delivery location is not easily accessible, you'll want to make that known to us when you order. Be aware, some delivery companies don't like rural driveways or congested suburbs, and may require you to pick-up at their terminal. That happens with a small percentage of shipments.

Kit Prices:

$2500: Nutshell 7'7" Rowing kit and 9'6" Rowing kit, Shellback Rowing Kit

$3000: Nutshell 7'7" Sailing Kit

$3100: Nutshell 9'6" Sailing Kit, Shellback Sailing kit

What is included with that price: pre-cut parts, (hull is Sapele mahogany marine plywood) pre-laminated stem and frame, (sailing: spars, cut 4 sided) building jig, hardware, epoxy, plans, book, basic instructions. 

What is not included with that price: paint, oars, sails, freight

           — Hull  parts / spars are not sold separately —

**SOMETHING ELSE TO CONSIDER: If you are within driving distance of Maryland, you could pick-up the kit and save of the freight costs. 

Kit box dimensions and weights are:

98"x30"x2" 90lb

98"x30"x2" 80lb

12' x10"x10" 145lb


Full-sized Nutshell and Shellback Kits and Sails

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