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 WoodenBoat Store Free Catalog


Our Store catalog can be viewed in your browser, or with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The catalog is 70 pages (shown in spreads) and can be a handy way to look at things. However, we do have more on our Site (about 3400 items, "sku's" as they say, and we add new items constantly.

You may find the plans pages of special interest, as they are grouped by type, then length. And we also grouped the newest books on a spread of their own. 

And, with anything you see in our PDF catalog, you can simply come back here to our site and quickly find the item by typing the product name into the search field. And you'll find lots more info, like book table of contents, and the magazines have table of contents pages, too. Many items have multiple images and some have short videos.

We discontinued our print catalog, so thought this digital catalog might be helpful.