Take advantage of the lower prices of these "hurt" books. These books have been returned, are slightly bunged or scuffed. None of these books are severely damaged, ie; ripped pages, water stained, and the like. They are perfectly readable, useable books.

Please note: hurt books are sold as non-returnable.

Hurt Books

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Build The Instant Catboat (Hurt)
$8.00 $12.95
Building the Nutshell Pram (Hurt)
$7.00 $9.95
Canoe Rig (hurt)
$24.95 $34.95
How To Build The Ocean Pointer (hurt)
$12.00 $17.95
KayakCraft (hurt)
$12.00 $19.95
Moonsailors (hurt)
$10.00 $14.95