Ordering / Shipping

Yes, we employ the Shopify* PLANET app, which calculates all packages we ship, factoring in weight and destination. The app then determines each package's carbon use. And then it charges us the fees to clean-up that amount of carbon. Pretty cool.

The nitty-gritty: Shopify's Planet program has three levels of carbon removal for us to choose from, progressing from least to most impactful. Level 1 plans pull it 10 years, Level 2 plans pull carbon for 100 years, and Level 3 plans pull carbon for 1000+ years. Yep, we went with Level 3.

Between mid-July 2022 and April 2023, we have paid to remove 15,650 pounds (over 7100 kg) of carbon from the atmosphere to offset what our deliveries have caused.. And our packages travel not only from Maine to all parts of the US, but the entire globe— with 20% of our orders shipping outside the US.

Shopify has vetted over 20 companies (Shopify Sustainable Fund Partners) to participate in the program. One of those companies is Maine based Running Tide.

*Shopify is the software we use to run our WoodenBoat Store.

We ship from Maine, and orders leave here the same day, or within 24 hours (excluding weekends/holidays). Expect 2-7 business days to arrive within the US. Granted, if you choose First Class mail (which is the least expensive, and least trackable), you may find it takes anywhere from 2 days to 2 plus weeks.

Outside the US: Since Covid and US Postal changes, timing varies greatly from 7 days to two-plus months. See our "Do you ship outside the US?" section for more details.

If you included an email with your order, you will automatically get tracking.

We take the major credit cards (Visa, Master, Discovver, Amex, even Diners Club) as well as PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay.

Also, you'll see on the first check-out page that we have "Express Checkout" which you can use if you already have connected your PayPal, etc, accts.

We don't accept Bitcoin, or CODs. We also don't take checks on-line, but you can snail-mail the check if you also include a note as to what you want to order, and where we should ship. Also, checks must be in US Funds Payable on a US Bank.

We primarly use US Mail and UPS. We ceased using 2-day and Next-day delivery simply because the carriers no longer guarantee those time frames (ie: no money back if you paid for Next day but it takes a week).

For International, we start with US Mail and have it handed-off to Global Post. Since Covid, US Mail has ceased delivering to some countries.

You can see what your shipping costs will be BEFORE you check-out. After you add items to your cart, click the VIEW CART button. You'll then see an Estimate Shipping... where it will show you the options and prices. There is usually more than one shipping option.

The rule of thumb is, the cheaper = slower. First Class mail is the cheapest, the slowest, and the least trackable. It also has a low weight threshold... a package that weighs over 15 ounces is disqualified from First Class delivery in the US.

Yes! Approximately 20% of orders are delivered outside the US, and we have been shipping world-wide for many years.

You can see shipping options/charges before filling out all your contact info. After you click "Add to Cart", click the "View Cart" button and you'll see Estimate Shipping, where you will then input your country and your postal code.

If the item you are going to have shipped has a "digital download" counterpart, consider going that route and saving yourself a lot of time, and shipping.

UK and EU: You may be charged VAT, even on low value shipments. You will be responsible for those fees. The VAT ranges from 17% to 27% depending on the EU member state, not including any applicable duties or fees. 

International First Class: can be much cheaper than International Priority Mail. But, it can be very very slow. If you don't really need something for two to four months or so, you might want to use this.

International... Express Mail Priority vs Priority Mail International: Express Mail will be more expensive, and for good reason. It's significantly faster. Express Mail International typically delivers in 7-10 days. Priority Mail International might be two weeks, but, it might also take eight weeks. It's inconsistent. Customs / Duties for shipments outside the US. Those fees are your responsibility. Sorry about that, but we cannot predict what the fine folks at your local customs house will decide.

Orders into Canada: even though we are just a 2-1/2 hour drive to the border, the Postal service fees into Canada are now similar to packages going to other parts of the world. If you have the option of a US address and can drive across the border to fetch your package, you will save money on the shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to refuse a package because your customs agents are extracting a pound of flesh nearest the heart... they will ship the package back to us in Brooklin, Maine. And, they will charge us for that privilege, so we would need to pass-on that charge to you. Ouch! And, if your postal service decides to ship the order back to us, you don't get a shipping refund, as we'll have had to pay for shipping both ways.

Yes, you can order in advvance, but we have dis-abled the "Store Pickup" option (it confused too many folks).

You place your order and include a note that you would like to pick-up at our Store in Brooklin. The system will charge you shipping, which we will refund.

No. You can order as a "guest".

The advvantage to creating an account is you can log in, and track orders. And if you do order again. your contact info is populated for you. Plus, if you are a gift-giver type, those other "ship-to" addresses are saved.

When you create an account, the is an anti-bot (Captcha) thing and then you will get an email confirmation to then activate. Good thing is, you then know your email was correct!

And if you don't want to bother because of remembering yet another password, you can easily get a new one next time you come to the site by clicking the Forgot Password when go to login.

Our WoodenBoat School has a discount for high school and college students to help defray their course costs.

To help fund this, several of our WoodenBoat Books authors and WoodenBoat Plans designers have annointed (either now, or, when they pass) that their royalties go to the School's Scholarship Fund.

And to add to that fund, the WoodenBoat Store sells used nautical books, where 100% of that income goes to the School's Scholarship Fund. The used nautical books are donated by folks who want to make good use of their collection when down-sizing, or that they inherited. It's a nice way to keep good books in circulation as well as lend a helping hand to the aspiring student.

These books are not on our Site, they are only in our Store, so be sure to take a look at that group when you drop in.

If you want to donate used nautical books, you are encouraged to do so. Please realize there is no tax write-off, and we don't pay freight to get them here in Brooklin, Maine.


Yes, you can order items which have yet to arrive to us (be they brandy-new, or temporarily out of stock) . We will charge you now (keeping your place in line) not when the item ships.

Granted, if a manufacturer seems iffy on a delivery time to us, or greatly delays, we will cancel your order, refund your payment, send you a heads-up email, and notify you if/when the item becomes available.

You will see that for some items we are not taking pre-orders but instead you can send us a note if you want to be notified when / if the item is once again available. We do this for items we are not comfortable with the mfg ETA, or lack thereof.

If your order has some out of stock and some in-stock items, we will hold the entire order and ship everything together.  If you would like the in-stock items now, you will need to pay additional shipping.

Save time and money: The big advantage for digital (PDF) plans is the timely delivery: usually same day, or within 24 hours, during our regular business hours. And you won't have the expense of shipping fees, or customs/duties. If delivery is outside the US, digitals are likely more economical

Convert for CNC: Folks tell us they convert from PDF to Adobe Illustrator, and then put into their CAD programs with the idea of creating CNC files.

Change scale: You can print at a reduced scale, so if you are a modelmaker that could be helpfful. If you are building from our half-hull model plans you could change the scale with those, too.

Other considerations: When folks buy these as digitals instead of the print, they typically put the file on a flash drive and take it to a local print shop. Pages are typically 30" x 40". The trade off is having to pay the printer instead of the customs / duties/ taxes and shipping fees. If you are in the US, it's likely cheaper to get the print version from us.

Scale: You'll see a measurement on pages that have full-sized drawings, so your local print shop will just need to print to that size. Typically just selecting 100% does the trick. You needn't print all pages full size if you want to save money. You would just need certain items (like mold patterns) at full-size.

We can add custom monogramming to caps, outerwear, tote bags, and belt buckles.

Where do you type the custom monogram info?

-After you add to cart, click VIEW CART button. You will then see the ADD MONOGRAM and ORDER NOTES field. Type what you would like embroidered (up to 25 characters, on a single row). PLEASE be careful with the spelling. All embroidered letters will be capitalized.

We've been working since the 1980s with the same family company for our screenprinting and embroidery, and they do a terrific job on custom monograms. Add an extra week or three for custom work.

Select the Digital option in the product.

“Your downloads are ready” will be the subject line of an email you’ll receive from us—once we’ve processed your digital order. That email has the link to click, so you can then download the file.

This isn't an "instant" process, so if we're asleep, you may need to wait for our regular business hours, for us to process the order.

If you are downloading to an iPhone or iPad, you'll need to understand where the file lands on your device.

On your iPhone, swipe down, and see if the blue FILES app is there. If not type FILES in the search.

Click DOWNLOADING for more info.

Yes, you may return something. Anything, actually, other than custom embroidery, digital files (PDFs) and full-sized boat kits.

Of course, this doesn't mean used / worn items.

No special authorization, secret codes, forms, or permission is needed to return. Just include a note with the returned item so we know if you want to exchange, get a credit or refund. If you didn't like the item, we'd appreciate hearing that as well.

Shipping charges: you get to pay the return shipping (unless we messed-up.) If the item is returned for an even exchange, you get to pay the shipping back to us, but we'll pay the regular domestic shipping to get the exchanged item back to you. If you are outside the US, you will get to pay the return shipping, and any customs-duties fees we incur to receive the items back, would be deducted from your refund.

Send to The WoodenBoat Store, attn: Returns Queen Jody,  PO Box 78, Brooklin, ME 04616.

Returns/exchanges accepted within 90 days of purchase.

Boaty Things

You would need to purchase a set of plans for each boat built. Click ABOUT BOAT PLANS for the rundown on plans.

We have a page which includes a brief video stepping you through what you would see with study plans.

It points out all the different lines you'll come across: diagonals, waterlines, buttocks, transverse, etc.

It may become your "ahah" moment. Click LINES.

There are six primary wooden boat methods: Carvel (aka plank on frame),Traditional Lapstrake (aka Clinker) Glued Lapstrake Plywood, Cold Molded, Strip, and Plywood. Click METHODS for more, including photos.

Publishing six times a year since 1974, WoodenBoat magazine has covered a lot of topics. That's around 30,000 pages of stuff.

And fortunately, there is a free on-line index. Results show you the issue # and the page the article begins. And, they link back to our Store site you can oh-so easily order a copy (in print OR digital). Click SEARCH.

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