BASIC RUNDOWN on how Digitals work. We include this at the footer of each digital item's page.

“Your downloads are ready” will be the subject line of an email you’ll receive from us—once we’ve processed your digital order. That email has the link to click, so you can then download the file.

This isn't an "instant" process, so if we're asleep, you may need to wait for regular business hours, for us to process the order. Although we are quite timely, we may not be processing on weekends & holidays. 

DOWNLOAD—don't just view. With some browsers, the file will load/open. But that doesn't necessarily mean the file has downloaded to your local drive. Depending on the browser, you may need to do a "save as", or click a down arrow, or right click to get  options to save. 

Some computers have downloads set to go to a Downloads folder, and other may have the file go to the desktop. 

You'll see that you have three attempts to download. If you have downloaded once, and all is well, there's no reason to download the file multiple times. We offer the extra attempts just in case your connection goes down in mid-stream. But, we are not your storage system. You'll want to keep the files on your local drive an if they are value to you, back-up to an external drive. 

Problems — most common is "some bits of the issue are missing or scrambled".  The cause: likely you are viewing in "Preview" which is really a program designed to preview instead of look in depth. Cure: open in Acrobat reader. 

—Download link doesn't work. Odds are it got truncated in your email program. Instead of clicking, copy/paste into the URL address bar. 

iPhones — if you download to your iPhone and then don't know where the file went: swipe down, then type Files in the search. That will bring up the blue FILES folder app. Click on that, and you'll find your file. 

iPads —  If you save a file to your iPad, it might not be readily apparent just where that file landed. It may be in your blue FILES app, although it should land in your BOOKS app. Here are a series of screenshots showing the process.

After you get our email with the link to download, and you click that link, you'll see  this, and then click that Download Now button. 


Best Practice Digital Downloads 1

Best Practice Digital Downloads 2

 Best Practice Digital Downloads 3



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