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Perhaps the most satisfying task in wooden boat building is planking, as this is the point when all the planning that went into the boat bears fruit.

Finally, all the elements are here-the flowing lines, the lovely sheer, the enclosed space. Now it looks like a boat. Gathered here is the information necessary for preparing to plank, clamping the planks in place, fastening the planks to the structure, and finishing off. The advice is based on actual projects, some large, some small; the advisors are all expert wooden boatbuilders. This book is a gold mine of information that will help and encourage readers with the building of a new boat or the repair of an old one.

Part of The WoodenBoat Series, this book is a compilation of articles that have appeared in WoodenBoat magazine.

Table of Contents:

  • Lining off Planking
  • Plank Curvature
  • A Drying Rack for Planking Stock
  • The Mechanics of Fastening Wood
  • A Close Look at Wood Screws
  • Bungs A Few Pointers
  • Making and Setting Bungs
  • Clamps in the Boatshop
  • A Wooden Clamp You Can Build Yourself
  • Small Clamps for Small Boats
  • Lining, Spiling, and Geting Out a Plank
  • Carvel Planking Tips from a Professional
  • Planking the Morgan
  • Edge-Setting Planks
  • Wedge-Seam Construction
  • The Butt Block Part 1 and 2
  • A Plank Scarfing Jig
  • A Plank Scriber
  • Moldless Lapstrake Planking
  • Lapstrake Planking Tips from Two Pros.
  • Lapstrake Planking, English Style
  • The Norwegian Finger Clamp
  • The Brenne Clamp
  • Rivet and Rove, English Style
  • Clench Nailing
  • Plywood Lapstrake Construction
  • Ultralight Plywood Planking
  • Sheet Plywood Planking
  • Stich-and Glue
  • Scarfs and Butts in Plywood Planking
  • A Scarfing Jig for Plywood
  • Strip Planking
  • Wood Planking, Epoxy Coating
  • Cutters for Strip Planking
  • Glass-Foam Fairing Blocks
  • Strip Diagonal Planking
  • Backyard Vacuum Bagging
  • Rethinking Diagonal Planking

    edited by Peter Spectre
    170 pp., softcover
    9 x 11"

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    Noel Douglas
    Slightly damaged surprise

    I recently purchased some slightly damaged books and to my surprise they were 99.9 percent perfect I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was very happy with my purchase.
    Thank You

    router scarfing jig

    Bought it for the two pages of instructions for router plank scarfing jig. Jig is assembled and works great. Rest of the book is broad but superficial coverage of various topics.

    Kevin McGrath

    I felt like it was mostly things that I knew. Not unhappy with the book. I was looking for new ideas. Although there is a lot to say for the tried and true.

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