WoodenBoat Face Masks

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Color: Green
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Choose from three colors: Red, Blue, and Green... all with gold logos and black trim. Or save a few dollars and get a set three, one of each oh-so handsome color. Folks wear these in the Shop too, to help keep dust at bay.

"Better than a necktie" was a comment from a recent Store shopper. 

Select the color, before adding to cart.

Extra Good Things (aside from that nice repeated logo pattern)

  • These are triple layer, with cotton touching your face, poly outer and Pellon middle
  • They are adjustable so your ears won't stick out (well, not more than they already do)
  • They have a peak for your nose so the mask more easily stays in place
  • They have a built-in piece to mold its shape around the bridge of your nose
  • They are made in the US
  • They will make you look not only handsome, but wise beyond your years

    These are, of course, sold as non-returnable.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Kees van Weel
    Face Masks

    I ordered three of these face masks; when they arrived my wife took one look and took one for herself. The other two are still mine, until she decides she needs another.... I am using mine for going shopping and when I am around people. My pans are to build a small, flat bottom plywood sailboat this summer so one will be in use when creating sawdust. The masks fit well and are adjustable. I feel it was a good buy.

    Gary Stephens
    Very comfortable

    Hands down the best looking and most comfortable mask I own. Not required for offshore passages!

    Ron Campbell
    Keeps me and my memories safe

    Comfortable and effective. I love the design.

    John Lundahl
    Great Fit!

    Finally, after a year and a half wearing a basket full of horrible fitting masks by my back door, I have a mask that offers the best fit of all - thanks wooden boat!

    Julian Orr
    Face Mask Review

    Very nice, much admired. Comfortable, too. I particularly appreciate the adjustable ear loops, since some of my older masks don’t have them and are getting saggy.

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