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Small Boats 2023 is 116 pages, culling the best of Small Boats Magazine, the on-line monthly published since 2014.

Cover: Glen-L's Hunky Dory


The 66 Canoe. The 66 Canoe, from Brian Schulz of Cape Falcon Kayak, is meant to be built from a video class that guides the builder through a series of custom design decisions. The boat can be paddled or sailed.

Colonia Dinghy. SUN DANCE II is a sprightly 17′ sailing dinghy whose design dates back to 1901. The original boat of the series from which she emerged, designed by N.G. Herreshoff and built by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, was a daysailer meant to be carried aboard the 189’ Gardner & Cox–designed steam yacht COLONIA. Plans are from the Herreshoff Marine Museum in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Deblois Street Dory. Clint Chase of Saco, Maine, designed the Deblois Street Dory in the spirit of New England’s working dories. The lapstrake hull, and graceful curve of the bow, the tombstone transom, and low sweep of the sheer are all inspired by the Swampscott dory type. In a later iteration of the design, it was modified to sail, and is available as a kit.

Devon Scaffie. The Scaffie, designed by John Watkinson, founder of the Drascombe line of small boats, has been in production in the U.K. since 1978. This versatile daysailer is 14′9″ long with a beam of 5′9″. At 462 lbs fully rigged, it is ideal for trailering behind even small vehicles. Its 15″ draft allows launching at almost any boat launch.

Excursion Kayak. The 12’8” Excursion from Newfound Woodworks is a good-looking
recreational boat meant for day trips on inland lakes and quiet water.

Handy Billy. In 1998, designer-builder Harry Bryan envisioned an update to the popular deep-V inboard-powered boats William Hand developed from 1900 to 1920. These early, efficient, and seakindly hulls were meant for inboard power; Harry combined them with clean and efficient four-stroke outboards, hidden in a well, to produce a 17- and 21-footer.

Hunky Dory. The rugged powered surf dories of Pacific City, Oregon, were simple to build and rugged enough to withstand launching and hauling from the beach. The Glen-L 22’10” Hunky Dory (and 18’3” Little Hunk) are the only readily available sets of plans with true Pacific City Dory DNA.

Little Crab. The 13′ little crab, an elegant plywood daysailer designed by Doug Hylan. An impressively detailed set of five sheets of plans makes the boat’s construction accessible to the amateur builder.

Outer Banks 26. The Outer Banks 26 is a lobsterboat-inspired cruiser for two people, designed by Graham Byrnes of B&B Yacht Designs. The boat serves her owners as a ferry from their island home in British Columbia, and as a cruiser for multiweek trips.

Ptarmigan 17. This pocket cruiser from Selway Fisher is capacious, capable, and
comfortable—and can be towed home by a car and stored in the garage. The boat can be built stitch-and-glue or glued lapstrake, and there are two rig options: a cat and a yawl.

Sand Dollar. Sand Dollar is an 11′ flat-bottomed skiff designed by Arch Davis that can be rigged to sail, rows well, and looks good. It is built in the glued-lapstrake-plywood method.

Six Hour Canoe. This easily built 15' double-paddle plywood canoe is based on the pirogues of Louisiana. Mike O’Brien designed it in 1977 and built the first one when he had two spare 4 x 8 sheets of plywood in his shop. Thousands have been built since.

Utility Launch 21’. Nelson Zimmer designed this launch with inspiration from the slim
handsome launches that were prevalent after World War I. The boat is designed to transport passengers and supplies between towns and remote fishing camps in Canada’s North Woods, and it also makes an excellent recreational picnic launch.

8-1/8 x 10-7/8", 112 pages

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
John Ingwersen
Fun toys to build!

I nice mixture of a wide variety of smaller boats to build.

abbott lowell
Great pictures, but not a lot of new content

There are some great small boats out there, so i felt WB missed the mark by including some of the often-reviews options. It feels more like a glossy brochure than a look at small boat innovation.

Alan Lorimer

WB's SMALL BOATS annual magazine 2023

Allan Copp
Boat plans

I have purchased your annual Small Boats since it started. The only improvement I would request is to include the plans of some of the boats featured each year,

Robert Brockway

Love wooden boats, deep appreciation for the skills and talent it takes to master boat building. In my mind a great many designs of the wooden boats of the past reflect not just skills, but art, I applaud the creators and the craftsmen.

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