WB's SMALL BOATS annual magazine 2020

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Table of Contents

4  Editor’s Page: The Insights of Ratty and Mole,  Christopher Cunningham

6 A Superior Circumnavigation: Two women, two kayaks, and 1,200 miles, Uma Blanchard

16 Reader-Built Boat HERON: A flat-bottomed skiff from a family of boatbuilders, Christopher Cunningham

18 Technique: Fillet Brazing: Fillet Brazing for Custom Boat Hardware, Mark Kaufman

20 Technique: Silver Brazing: Some Tips on Silver Brazing, Christopher Cunningham

22 St. Ives Punt: Local boat, wide appeal, Nic Compton

26 Classic 17: A snug outboard from Bateau.com, Nigel Sharp

30 Reader-Built Boat CHIPS: A Block Island 19 daysailer, Christopher Cunningham

33 Ed Monk Skiff: A working tender from 1943, Josh Anderson

41 Jumbo Tolman Skiff: An Alaskan skiff for cruising,  Neil Andrews (COVER IMAGE)

45 Ruth Wherry: Quick to build, fast to row, Jim Dumser

50 Morbic 11: A new Vivier design, Gary Brown

56 Technique: PFDs What’s in Your PFD Pocket?, Christopher Cunningham

58 O’Day Day Sailer: A proven performer for 61 years, Kent and Audrey Lewis

63 Swallow: A Wolstenholme gunter-rigged dayboat, Nick Hanbury

68 Reader-Built Boat; The Kingfisher Elective: A class in boatbuilding, Christopher Cunningham

70 Winter Wren II: A pocket yacht for two, Lawrence W. Cheek

76 Taal SUP: A board for touring, Christophe Matson

80 Cosine Wherry: A strip-built pulling boat, Paul McCuish

84 Reader-Built Boat: Nesting Boat in a Van—Or Even Two!, Christopher Cunningham

86 Albion Pacific Power Dory: A power dory from Spira International, Al and June Dettenrieder

90 Parker Dinghy: A shapely mid-century workboat, Cyrus Dworsky

94 Stickleback Canoe: A sleek little Iain Oughtred design, Christopher Cunningham

98 Reader-Built Boat: BUTTERFLY: A beautiful metamorphosis, Christopher Cunningham

100 BELLE: A lovely little daysailer, Tom Sliter

104 Rushton 109: A fine lapstrake pulling boat, Tom DeVries


 Note: Most of the content of this issue will have appeared in the digital subscription e-magazine Small Boats Monthly, now called Small Boats Magazine


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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Michael Mettler

WB's SMALL BOATS annual magazine 2020

Charles Schiff
Small Boats

Too many sailboats. Hardly ever any small outboard runabouts.

Tim Jones

A great job

John Lamon

WB's SMALL BOATS annual magazine 2020


WB's SMALL BOATS annual magazine 2020

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