The New Cold-Molded Boatbuilding

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Subtitle: From Lofting to Launching

This book features a building process which combines strength, beauty, and the workability of wood, with the low-maintenance characteristics of epoxy.

Ideally suited to the amateur builder wanting a good, solid cruising boat, this is a complete "soup-to-nuts" presentation of the cold-molding process, with chapters detailing every facet of construction--from choosing a design and setting-up, through engine installation and wiring, to launching and sea trials. Parker has streamlined the cold-molding process to produce economical sturdy boats.

Chapter 1 Construction
Chapter 2 Designs
Chapter 3 Getting Organized
Chapter 4 Beginning
Chapter 5 Backbone
Chapter 6 The Longitudinals
Chapter 7 Planking
Chapter 8 The Keel
Chapter 9 Fabric and Epoxy
Chapter 10 Prefinishing The Fabric and Epoxy
Chapter 11 Turning The Hull Over
Chapter 12 Inside The Hull
Chapter 13 Deck Structure
Chapter 14 The Centerboard Trunk
Chapter 15 Internal Structure
Chapter 16 More Deck Structure
Chapter 17 The Deck
Chapter 18 Interior
Chapter 19 Trunk Cabins
Chapter 20 Above The Deck
Chapter 21 The Cockpit
Chapter 22 Compartments, Hatches and Windows
Chapter 23 Centerboards and Rudders
Chapter 24 Finishing
Chapter 25 Inboard Diesels
Chapter 26 Ballast
Chapter 27 Plumbing
Chapter 28 Electricity
Chapter 29 Heat and Refrigeration
Chapter 30 Masts and Booms
Chapter 31 Hardware and Fittings
Chapter 32 Rigging
Chapter 33 Sails, Canvaswork and Upholstery
Chapter 34 Launching and Trials

by Reuel B. Parker
320 pp., softcover
8 x 10"
ISBN # 0-9737822-89-2



This book is full of good ideas. It is well written, and extremely well illustrated, and it will keep the backyard builder's feet firmly on the ground while inspiring the kind of enthusiasm needed to carry a major project to completion. It deserves a place in any builder's library.
--Arch Davis, in WB #95

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Harvey Thomas
Not enough about cold molding

The title is is a general work on building a wooden boat, not specifically a how to on cold molding. Which is what I was looking for.

Amateurs textbook.

I have been fascinated (obsessed, some may say) with boats for these last years. I have learned a lot about how boats work and how they are constructed, but I still had unanswered questions. This book was a great next step in my insatiable pursuit of knowledge, especially regarding boats. The text covers more than just the cold molding process as you might ascertain by reading the description. I am thoroughly satisfied.

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