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Originally drawn in the early 1930s by The Rudder editor William Crosby, this class, much like the Lightning class, is still going strong.

Ideal for the first-time modeler, you can build this display model without a lot of fancy tools or advanced woodworking skills. The kit includes mahogany for the hull, sails and rigging, wooden spars, and materials to make the stand. Parts are die-cut from veneers and mahogany ply. You supply the glue and paint. Simple tools needed include sandpaper, long nose pliers, sewing needles, masking tape, small drill bits. Its simplicity makes it a great gift.

This is a "static" display model, not set-up for pond sailing.

If you want to understand more about the building process, click INSTRUCTIONS for the how-to-build booklet for this model. 


 Scale: 1" =1'
LOA: 16"
Beam: 5 1/4"
Height: 19"

Skill Level = 1

Skill levels are:
1 = beginner
2 = intermediate
3 = advanced

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rolph Townshend
Snipe Sailboat model

I had to make MANY significant changes to the model to make it like the actual Snipe

Fred Vogell

You can’t go wrong with this kit. Instructions are for the most part very clear, carefully written and very precise, though I thought a little more instructive attention would have been helpful raising the main mast. Also, the oversized deck and bottom hull pieces required quite a bit of patient trimming and sanding. Otherwise I was totally at ease progressing through the construction of this beautiful model boat. I end to by repeating my opening statement, you can’t go wrong with this kit,, work patiently, good luck, and most importantly have fun.

Alfred Palma
Ordered the Snipe. The Lightning was out of stock

Great model. Just completed the hull. Rigging as we speak. Highly recommend this Dumas model

Ron Hudson

Great model, keep up the good modeling.

Henryk Mozman

Snipe Model Kit

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