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Living with Little Boats
This is a ten page piece on fitting small boats into one's life. Include discussions on storage, transport, launching and hauling, and maintenance.

The 2007 Small Reach Regatta
A Portfolio of small boats.

An 18' flat-bottomed, turtle-decked yawl for camp cruising.

The Freestone Classic Drift Boat
The iconic river-running boat of the western United States.

CLC Skerry
A glued-lapstrake plywood daysailer available in kit form from Chesapeake Light Craft.

Nancy's China
A 15'2" pocket-cruising sloop from Sam Devlin; stitch and glue plywood construction.

Moosebac Reach Boat

The Weekend Dinghy
Karl Stambaugh's flatiron skiff.

Melonseed Skiff (WB Plan # 400-120)
A gunning-boat-derived daysailer.

Night Heron
A strip-planked sea kayak.

Core Sound Series
A ketch-rigged open boat for daysailing and camp cruising; models range from 15 to 20'.

Redwing (WB Plan #400-108)
A sheet-plywood, low-powered pocket-cruiser from the board of Karl Stambaugh; the subject boat for this article was recently converted to solar electric power.

20' Sloop/Yawl, Sallee Rover (WB Plan # 400-065)
A 19'9" pocket cruiser designed by S.S. Crocker; the subject boat for this article was built for E.B. White by his son, Joel.

Shearwater (WB Plan # 400-058)
This 15' oar-powered boat (with auxiliary sail) was Joel White's answer to the iconic Norwegian Oselvar. It's a leaner version of the Norwegian type, built of glued lap ply rather than of solid wood.

Paul Gartside's outboard-powered river cruiser.

Acorn Dinghy (WB Plan # 400-043)
This 13 foot lapstrake dinghy by Iain Oughtred has been through three design iterations.

Long Point Skiff
This is Tom Hill's 15' flat-bottomed, center console fishing skiff.

Mackinaw Boat (WB Plan # 400-014)
A Lake Michigan fishing boat recorded by Howard Chapelle and built by numerous recreational builders. We look at one built by Doug Hylan and owned by WoodenBoat school.

Ipswich Bay 18
A Dory derived daysailer in the tradition of Marblehead's Town Class and the Alden-designed Indian; this one was designed and built by Dan Noyes of Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Lumberyard Skiff
Not to be confused with Maynard Bray's Lumberyard Skiff. This one is a husky outboard-powered workhorse built of Exterior plywood and construction grade lumber.Designed by Walter Baron

The West Branch, Y-Stern Canoe
This adaptation of an E.M. White design has a modified stern that allows for a transom-hung outboard motor.

Dad's Ol' Outboard Skiff
This 14' lapstrake fishing skiff is reminiscent of Grumman aluminum skiffs--but is far more elegant.

This hull was designed for steam power. The builder converted it to Electric propulsion and built it of strip planks and epoxy.

The 18" Mower Dory 


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