Professional BoatBuilder Download Complete Collection Part B

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Download ALL of the back issues of Professional BoatBuilder magazine when you get Part A and Part B. Part A includes issues 1-100, Part B includes issues 101-current.

These are PDF files, identical to the originals, zipped to be in one folder. You download, upzip, and then you have them on your local drive. We suggest you make a back-up. When you order, you will see two files to download.

PLEASE BE SURE YOU HAVE A FAST CONNECTION. These files are about 2 gigabytes each. Not sure what your download (yes, be sure to look at download, not upload) speed is? Try a site like

These PDF files are best read with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free program. Using preview or your iPad's iBooks section may scramble content. Yes, there is a free Acrobat reader app for the iPad and iPhone.

Why bother to download when you could get all (except the most recent few years) of the issues for free via the site? Convenience... ie: you would not need to individually download each issue.


“Your downloads are ready” will be the subject line of an email you’ll receive from us—once we’ve processed your digital order. That email has the link to click, so you can then download the file.

This isn't an "instant" process, so if we're asleep, you may need to wait for regular business hours, for us to process the order. Although we are quite timely, we may not be processing on weekends & holidays. 



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