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Professional BoatBuilder #203 June/July 2023

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June/July 2023, Issue No. 203 — Table of Contents

On the cover: The Contessa 32 Assent—restored and now owned by the family of boatbuilder Jeremy Rogers, who originally created her and hundreds like her—was the only small boat to complete the disastrous 1979 Fastnet Race. Story on page 36.
Photograph by Nic Compton



Solar-powered catamaran. Page 20.

20  Electric Philosophy vs. Reality
by Ed and Eileen Paule
An Iowa couple reviews the first 3,000 nautical miles on their custom-built solar-electric catamaran and their preparation for an off-grid adventure cruise to high latitudes.


The man behind Contessa yachts. Page 36.

36  The Legacy of Jeremy Rogers
by Nic Compton
The quiet man behind the iconic Contessa brand who also developed new boatbuilding materials, technologies, designs, and markets.


Lightning protection options. Page 48.

48  Shelter From the Storm, Part 2
by Nigel Calder
A guide to onboard lightning protection standards, technologies, and installations.


Restoring a Chris-Craft runabout. Page 60.

60  Chris-Craft Française
by Gérald Guétat
Refitting a postwar runabout in France from an enduring American boatbuilder.


4  Letters, Etc.
A reader comments on John Kecsmar’s comparative energy and power density calculations for various fuels and energy storage technologies.

8  Rovings
compiled by Dieter Loibner
The nascent Shop Co-Op opens in Port Townsend; NYC company announces plans for electric foil-assisted ferries; a new sled from Tom Wylie and Steve Rander; and the passing of multihull pioneer Derek Kelsall.

54  Task Sheet: Winterizing and Recommissioning Outboards
by Matt Mardesich
A guide to annual maintenance of outboard motors.

72  Parting Shot
by Winn Willard
The president of Ray Hunt Design makes a case for the efficiency of the hard-chine deadrise hullform for semi-planing powerboats.


66  New Products and Processes

67  Connections

68  Classified Advertising

71  Index to Advertisers


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