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Phil Thiel's ESCARGOT is a house/canal boat designed for slow, enjoyable journeys in protected waters.

Plans include 16 sheets, which you can print-out on 11" x 17" paper (A3). If you are familiar with Phil's work, these plans ALSO include four pages of his L'ARK design, which was a modification of ESCARGOT. Construction is considered "simple box-like" marine ply construction for the advanced amateur. Purchase of the plans give you rights to build one boat. 

Please note: page J which shows plywood needed omits the 1/2" ply for the aft deck shown on page E.

Length: 18'-6"
Beam: 6'
Draft: 6"

Weight: about 750 lbs.
Propulsion: 2-5hp outboard, will gently push you to about 4 mph.
Skill needed: Basic

Plywood needed:      8 sheets 4x8  - 1/4" marine grade

                                  8 sheets 4x8  -  3/8" marine grade

                                  6 sheets 4x8  -  1/2" marine grade

Video by builder Joe Mix of West Virginia — going down the Hudson to the Statue of Liberty:



Another adventure from Joe Mix, this time they trailered their Escargot from West Virginia to Montana: 



For an interesting piece about this talented designer, click PHIL THIEL'S WORKSHOP, from our sister publication, Small Boats Monthly.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael Beckmann
Digital Print of the Escrgot.

The ordering process works very well, depending from the continental time changing. The responce with the link was very fast in my mailbox.
Thank you

Marvin Crowe
Low Country Creek Boat

Delighted with Canal Boat plans of two weeks ago. I am currently beginning the build with the idea of involving grand children as much as possible. Currently thinking of powering with Spirit 1 , 3hp electric outboard. I will be using the Lark modification to the Escargot . I may have missed a note somewhere but for the Escargot modification the work table / mold will be 6’ 6 “. EBL to MBL Also which side cross hatching for plywood on frames is determined by looking at side views of boat. All in all I am delighted with plans and going forward with build.

Andrew Suhrer
Spot on plans. Build with confidence.

I have 35 years experience in boat building. I have my Escargot hull built and ready to glass. It's taken me 65 hours of leisurely work to get to that point. It's been solo building except for moving the side and bottom panels. Building the boat has been mostly an exercise in measure and cut. Boat building experience is not required. Carpentry skills will be very helpful. The plans include a single page of building instructions. They tell you what to do but not necessarily how to do it. A good deal of contemplation and head scratching is still required. This is my first experience with digital plans and I found that it's incredibly convenient to have the plans on my Kindle Fire. My major modification was to extend the cockpit and aft side panel by 15". This allows the use of the entire 8' of the aft side panels. I also allows use of the full 4' width of the bottom panels, saving a great deal of work and reducing waste. The modification requires an extra sheet of 3/8" plywood for the cockpit sole. Note that the sheet of plywood for the sole was accidentally omitted from the materials list. I'm posting the build on Reddit, r/ boatbuilding, u/PBYACE. Anyone wishing to contact me may do so via Reddit.

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