Original Gloucester Rocker PLANS

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It’s hard to imagine you could make a nicer gift for your favorite munchkin. Created by Buckley Smith (author of Moonsailors) this animated rocking dory is oozing with personality. The big sweeping sheer, traditional transom with a sculling notch, cleat handle, and wave-like rockers all combine to give you as much fun building as the kids will have playing. Three sheets of plans with full-sized patterns for all parts plus the building jig are included, as well as an option to build in lapstrake. 

When folks buy these as digitals instead of the print, they typically take the plans to a local print shop. Being a 3 foot long rocker, most homeowners don't have large enough printers. The trade off is having to pay the printer instead of the customs/duties/taxes and shipping fees. If you are in the US, it's likely cheaper to get the print version.

You'll see a measurement on pages that have full-sized drawings, so your local print shop will just need to print to that size. Typically just selecting 100% does the trick. And, with the plans for this, as long as they use the same % for each page, you have a sound product. Some folks also want to increase (or decrease) the size a bit, and they have the print shop modify the size. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Richard S Gambino
Building for granddaughter

I have limited woodworking experience and this is my first complex build. It was a huge help to order the full size plans. Excellent directions with a very small learning curve. Currently halfway through the build. I definitely recommend this.

Bart Belshan
Boat plans

Plans are great, but I am little confused about why there is 2 sets of cross pieces. Just trying to figure that out, when I do it will look great I am sure. Thanks

Mike Haak
Rocking boat

Never built any projects with these type of plans and am struggling with some aspects of understanding them

Do let us know if you have questions, perhaps we can help.

Thomas Laaser
Great design!

This is a great concept and a fun build. The plans, patterns, and other details are amazing. You can tell a lot of care went into the creation of these plans and you really benefit from that. There’s tons of explanations and suggestions, as well as just great drawings and a combination of fun and knowledge.

David Black

Original Gloucester Rocker PLANS

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