Oar Plans

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Available as Print or Digital.

One sheet of plans, and five different sets of oars.

  • 6' Asa Thomson
  • 7' extra slim
  • 7'6" ash peapod
  • 8' All Purpose oars
  • 9' Ash Dory oars


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Bill Rutherford

    Excellent! Fits right in with our program to build some drawshave horses and make some replacement oars at the Seaport Boat Livery, some of which will be oak. Could have used some additional designs for longer lengths of spruce oars. Thanks for being a resource race.

    Brody Rommes

    Haven’t built them yet but I wasn’t ready to spend 500$ an oar on sawyer. Excited to start this project. Instructions are easy to understand. The dimensions are somewhat hard to read because the print is small.

    Stewart Pollock
    Oar plan

    Gives clear plans for oars of 5 different lengths. For specify ass and the shortest one specifies Spruce. And includes a plan for a jig to mark lines for an octagonal cross-section. they are good plans definitely worth the price. I did not use them as I ended up using some different plans I found elsewhere, but they would’ve worked just fine. My only preference would’ve been if they had specified for other varieties of wood.

    Edward Titus
    Oar plans

    Great plans, I got them immediatly, printed them out and built the oars, with help from Eric Dows WB article.

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