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We provide enough leather to cover a pair of oars, plus the thread, needles, tacks and instructions.

The piece of leather measures approx 11" x 13" each, and can handle a diameter of about 2 1/4". Occasionally we ship 2 pieces of leather approx. 10" x 7" each that will cover the same diameter. This is the nice stuff, Latigo, 5 to 7 ounce rating.

WoodenBoat issue #68 has a helpful article by Larry Montgomery about leathers, and talks about his preferred treatment with lanolin, available at most drug stores.

And, in the perhaps TMI (too much information) here's what makes Latigo:

Latigo leather is most commonly made from cowhide. It is first chrome tanned, which involves soaking the hide in a solution of acidic salts and then drying it before further processing. Next it is vegetable tanned by soaking it in a series of vats with progressively higher concentrations of tanning solutions. After completing the tanning process, the hides are tumbled in large drums to absorb various oils and waxes. This makes them more pliable and supple, while retaining their strength.

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James Logan
Leather oar kit

I am very pleased with the leather kit. It offered two ways to apply. I chose to use tacks. There was more than enough leather and tacks to complete the installation. This is the second time I have used your leather oar kit. The first just simple wore out. I am using the oars every day with great satisfaction.

Brian Phipps
Fast delivery

Great product. Thank you.

steve zicree
Nice quality

I used it to leather a mast. The leather was nice quality and the needles and twine were good. No complaints.

Andrea Ebinger
Oar leathers

Communication was excellent and arrival was prompt. Thanks!

Karl Hadley
Crafty Solution

I'm happy with the product, though it took more effort on my part than I guessed. My old leathers had worn through. I bought a new leather punch for the 80-ish 2 mm punches required. I thought the supplied waxed line might not be enough, but it was. The squeaks in my rowing are now gone...thought it was from the oarlocks themselves, but maybe the old leather somehow contributed to that? That's a mystery.

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