Maritime Life and Traditions #11

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Taking advantage of the confluence of the Gulf Stream and life-giving upwellings that carry nitrogen-rich water from the deep ocean to the surface where the mixture of sunlight and nutrients trigger large alga blooms local fishermen ply the waters around the Azores from April to December in large wooden boats with high bows and powerful engines. Using cane poles and hooks they catch albacore, big-eye, and bonito tuna. Having spent a week aboard the Perola do Santa Cruz the author offers a personal description of the life and work of the fishermen.Bruce Halabisky

In the late 1990s a North Sea steam trawler was converted to a square-rigged barque in Nova Scotia and, in 1999, set sail for a circumnavigation that would spread goodwill and create friendships the world over - not least in her adoptive home of Lunenburg. One-time sceptic and latterday fan, the author tells the story of the Captain and his ship.William Gilkerson

At Roskilde in the heart of Denmark, the discovery of five medieval shipwrecks of exceptional archaeological interest in the 1950s was the starting point for an extraordinary Viking Ship Museum, which was extended in 1997 with a new port museum that proved an instant success and enticed increased visitor numbers to view the floating collection and workshops.Christian Lem'e, Max Vinner, Morten G'thche

In the 1850s the clipper ship, Flying Cloud, sailed into the history books when she established a new record of passage from New York to San Francisco. Her achievement remained unbeaten for more than a century until it was at last bettered by a high-performance racing yacht in 1989. As remarkable as the ship herself was the navigator who plotted the route to fame - the captain?s wife Eleanor Creesy.David W. Shaw

The earliest steam-powered dedicated tug was built in 1802 for the Forth and Clyde Canal, but it would be thirteen more years before the world saw the first successful steam tugboat. The world has seen many changes in the last two centuries and today?s tugs are very different from the early workhorses - inevitably more sophisticated, powerful, and reliable. But, says the author, they continue to serve our shipping industry as their predecessors did, allowing great ships to be manoeuvred in and out of otherwise inaccessible ports.Tom Cunliffe




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