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Lofting is the process of drawing lines of a boat full-size, to get the shapes and patterns needed for building. You take the numbers from the table of offsets, plot them on the floor, and then play connect-the-dots. Okay, it's not that simple. If it were, you wouldn't need the book.

Table of Contents:

  • Lofting, How Much?
  • Lofting a Flat - Bottomed Skiff
  • Picking Up and Setting Up
  • Minimum Lofting a Skiff
  • Lofting a Round - Bottomed Auxiliary Sailboat
  • Minimum Lofting a Round - Bottomed Auxiliary Sailboat
  • Lofting a V - Bottomed Powerboat
  • Minimum Lofting a V - Bottomed Powerboat
  • Developing Transoms
  • Lofting for One - Offs and Tooling
  • Taking Off Lines
  • by Allan H. Vaitses
    150 pp., softcover
    10 x 7"
    ISBN # 0-937822-55-8



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Customer Reviews

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Philip Pratt
Not for novices

I’m new to wooden boat building. I have taken one course at the Lowell Boat Shop in Amesbury MA in November 2022. I do have some wood-building experience. I found the book on lofting very technical using many terms that were unfamiliar to me. While there were definitions for some of the terms some of those didn’t help my understanding of the word I was trying to understand. Is the another book available that might help me with the terminology used in wooden boat building?

For an overview of lofting there is Getting Started in Boats #18 and the books Building Small Boats or How to Build a Wooden Boat are good sources of terminology.

Peter Polivka
"Lofting" by Allan Vaitses

Not done reading the book, but so far a complex subject very clearly and simply presented. I feel very fortunate this book is my starting point into the world of lifting and hopefully boat-biilding.
Thank you for advertising it in a recent newsletter/email notification.

Bob Bream
Lofting for a Beginner

I have always wanted to figure out how to loft a boat as a challenge. When I saw the book “Lofting” I figured this was what I was looking for. And it turned out to be just what I was looking for. Easy enough to understand and yet covers all of the important facets of lofting. I am looking forward to when I have the opportunity to try out my new found knowledge.

flaviano navone


Frederic Fischer


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