Lines, Lofting, And Half Models

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Here are the instructions that allow you to make the sometimes difficult leap from flat, two-dimensional paper to a three-dimensional hull. You'll be whittling half-models pronto.If you know of a boat worth saving, for which plans don't exist, Lines, Lofting and Half Models will teach you how to take off the lines...and how to correct to create a Table of Offsets...and how to make a half model.

This book deals with lines and lofting, and does so thoroughly, but what sets it apart from others on the subject is that its first section deals with half models. This is the way Walt learned, and the way he has taught lofting for years. They offer the further benefit of helping you become familiar with the three-dimensional hull you are about to build before lofting and before committing your time and money. It's the easiest way to learn.

The lines section shows you how to select, interpret, and use building plans efficiently. Once you understand the half models and the two-dimensional lines derived from them, lofting is no longer intimidating. The lofting section takes you the rest of the way, covering the entire process, explaining how make the seemingly unavoidable corrections, and how to make use of your lofting, once completed.

by Walter Simmons
159 pp., spiral bound
Second edition

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Charles Cornelius

Lines, Lofting, And Half Models

Half Hull Models

Excellent reference.

Eric Robison
Lofting & half models

Very detailed, takes awhile to understand it.

David Biedenkopf
Bought them to read during layoff.

Got called back to work. Later.

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