Lightning Model Kit

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 This is one of the most popular kits we have ever offered. It might be because it is pretty simple to build, or that it's a handsome boat. But because so many folks order two, we think it is because they are so much fun to race.

Made with precision pre-cut balsa frames and mahogany planking, the kit includes plans, thorough instructions, nylon sails, line for rigging, and hardware. Plus it has a lead weight which you attach to the bottom of the centerboard if you are going to sail it. 

This Lightning scale replica is a great way to learn about boats, without having to spend the time on precise cutting. You supply the varnish, paint, glue, and a few household tools, everything else is included. Designed for sailing on your favorite "golden pond" or as a handsome addition to your mantelpiece. Couple of building tips: clothespins make great clamps, and styrofoam (not the corn-starch based type) peanuts make great flotation under the foreward and aft decks. This model is not designed for remote control. If you sail on a larger pond and don't have a chase boat, kite string/spool are very handy.

Scale: 1" =1'
LOA: 19"
Beam: 6 1/2"
Height: 26"

Note: that stand in the photo isn't included... we made that in just a few minutes from scrap wood. You'll likely make something prettier!

Skill Level = 1

Skill levels are:
1 = beginner
2 = intermediate
3 = advanced

If you'd like a better understanding of just what you are getting yourself in for, click: INSTRUCTIONS.  

You'll supply paint, and simple household tools:

Razor / X-acto knife, ruler, wood glue, super glue, Course, Medium, and Fine grit sandpaper, small paint brush, masking tape, 3/32" drill bit, needle, thread, pliers and cutting pliers, pins, clothespins for clamps.

Customer Reviews

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My son and I built this boat(he mostly watched). Very fulfilling, nice kit, he sails it in the pool. Money/time well spent!

Ami Peterson
He loves it

I bought this for my brother, and he loves it. He said it is way better than the plastic models he’s done lately, getting more involved with shaping and sanding the pieces. The quality of the materials and intimacy of the directions feels like he’s building with the producer, not a faceless company. I’m betting he gets more kits in the future!

Rick Overgaard
Great Kit

Very nice kit!

Fun to build, so far, so good.

I like the kit. It is very complete. The instructions are good, but require a lot if flipping back and fourth between the text and the diagrams. I started off using cyanoacrylate glue, that was a mistake. Now I’m using wood glue and the build is going much better. I am about half way. It is a fun model to build. Mine will be painted to match the Lightning I once had, 13703.

Alan Marshall
Get started with a Lightning

I have built many wooden boat models over the years but haven’t done so for about 10 years.
This is a great starter, just read through the instructions first and take your time.

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