Issue #294 September/October 2023

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September/October 2023

Table of Contents


  • MATAWA — A plywood pioneer by Nic Compton
  • SALLY and BRANTA — The last of the Burgess 10-Meters by Randall Peffer
  • The MATTHEW TURNER — A Sausalito tall ship and its genesis by John Skoriak and John Riise
  • Restoring ZEST — A naval architect couldn’t get his first love out of his head by Karen Sullivan
  • A Lightning Sloop Strikes Again — “Wright Brothers” restore FLYER to racing trim after 45 year by Douglas Wright
  • Elmer Collemer — The legacy of a one-man shipyard by Roger Allen Moody
  • Bending-On Sails — Passing experience down to new crew by Michael Sauter

Cover: The MATTHEW TURNER, a 135′ brigantine, was built in Sausalito, California, by the nonprofit Call of the Sea with thousands of hours of volunteer help. Her first sailing season was in 2020. Photograph by Benson Lee


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Peter Quinn
Matthew Turner/Galilee article - well done!

As someone who has followed the progress of the Matthew Turner for years, I was pleased to read the article in your September issue. My grandfather, Captain John E, Quinn, who owned the Galilee, the ship whose lines the Matthew Turner mirror, was mentioned in the article.

While there is a lot to tell about his time living aboard her, holding down the fort as the live aboard community nestled around him, the story given was an excellent summary of over a dozen years of fighting in the courts for the right to stay where Galilee was moored.

One small quibble; John Quinn was not a British Sea Captain. His Captain designation came as a result of owning, first the Echo, a 300 foot four-masted barquentine, which served as his on the hook home immediately prior to purchasing the Gallilee, and his ownership of the Galilee herself. That being said, he was a fine sailor his entire life, his heart and soul were deeply connected to his sense of self and choice of dwelling.

I am in possession of extensive photos, letters and articles spanning John Quinn's time as Galilee's owner, as well as several hours of tapes, recorded when screenwriter Burt Kennedy was preparing a script about his fight with the City of Sausalito, a project undertaken by John Wayne and William Fellows and director William Wellman in the mid-1950's.

richard reineman
Sally & Branta

Terrific article with great action photos- thanks!

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