Issue # 248 Jan/Feb 2016

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Jan/Feb 2016

  • Shrimp Boats' Home - A family fleet in North Carolina stems the tide of imports by Randall Peffer
  • Gold Cup Redux - Vintage powerboats gather on Lake George, New York by Evelyn Ansel
  • A Round Mallet - The perfect complement for a sharp chisel by John Wilson
  • DAYDREAM - The right boat at the right time by Lee Scarbrough
  • Runabout Restoration - New life for a varnished classic: Part 3 by Paul Brackley
  • Tidal Roots - The business of building paddleboards by Peter Van Allen
  • Gerhard Peter Ronne's RUNAs - Symbiosis with the sea by Jacques Taglang

    Getting Started in Boats: Plotting Courses at Night and in Fog - Tear- out supplement by Jan Adkins

    Cover: The 1934 John Hacker-designed ETHYL RUTH IV returned to Lake George, New York, for the 2015 Gold Cup Festival, which saluted the 80th anniversary of EL LAGARTO's 1935 third-in-a-row Cup. ETHYL RUTH IV was one of the 1935 challengers. Photograph by Alison Langley.




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