Issue #247 Nov/Dec 2015

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Nov/Dec 2015 


  • OCEAN PEARL - Spaulding Dunbar's masterpiece
  • RANGER - A pioneering sportfishing boat
  • SJOGIN - Mysterious origins, enduring legacy (pronounced So-Gin)
  • Ruanbout Restoratioin - New life for a varnished classic: Part 2
  • ABI - A hybrid motorsailer
  • Traditional Boats of Greece - Tenacious survivors of a fading legacy
  • Laminating Frame Repairs - Using templates for three-dimensional patterning
  • Denmark's Ohavets Smakkecenter - Preserving traditional boats and a vanishing way of life
  • Repairing Glued-Lapstrake Hulls - Scarfing planks in place needn't be intimidating

    Getting Started in Boats - Basic Reefing: A guide to taking a tuck

    Cover: SJOGIN, a 22' sloop, hove-to. Photograph by Jay Fleming.




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    Jon Thurlow

    Issue #247 Nov/Dec 2015

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    I love this edition

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