Issue # 243 Mar/Apr 2015

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March/April 2015 


  • The Canvas Deck Bucket Revisited - A retired Dacron sail adds a modern material to a classic design by Bruce Halabisky
  • The Snekke - Norway's timeless motor launch by Evelyn Ansel
  • Henry Barkhausen - A Great Lakes mariner remembers by George D. Jepson
  • A Strip-Built Baidarka, Part 2 - Simple beauty in a complex and highly functional kayak by Rob Macks
  • The Boats of Nikos Daroukakis - Greek classics with a twist by Nic Compton
  • Sponges, Bailers, Buckets, and Pumps - Removing water from a small boat by Harry Bryan
  • Two Schooners - At Nova Scotia's Dory Shop, a pair of boats take shape the old way by Tom Gallant
  • Dropping the Board - Living with a different kind of pivot pin by Tom Jackson

    Getting Started in Boats: Cooking Afloat: A primer- tear-out supplement by Jan Adkins




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