Issue # 226 May/June 2012

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May/June 2012


  • The Brace: Why you really do need a hand operated drill.
  • Building Russell R.: A first-time boatbuilder's classic utility launch
  • The Schooner ARDELLE: many hands make delightful work
  • How to Make Wooden-Cheeked Mainsheet Blocks: Handsome, rugged, and appropriate for a traditional boat
  • NATIVE SON and the Bay Rats: A restoration for heart and soul
  • Reaching Deep into History: Restoration shipwrights shed new light on the CHARLES W. MORGAN
  • Scrimshander: The marine art of Gary Tonkin
  • Revisiting the Classics: The Chesapeake Bay Skipjack
  • A Lesson that Stuck: The fine art of home made oilskins

    Getting Started in Boats Vol 34: 12 Essential Yacht Designers, Part 2




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