Issue #222 Sept/Oct 2011

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Sept/Oct 2011


  • Building the 12' Peapod: Part One
  • Shoal Draft: Part Two, Cruising in the shallows
  • The Drawknife: A pre-industrial tool for today.
  • BACCHANT,RANGER, and FIDELIS: A 1936 Knud Reimers 75 Square Meter and her influence on a generation of Kiwi sailing.
  • Sheathing a Plywood Deck: A durable surface of fiberglass cloth and epoxy
  • Slow by Design: Philip Thiel's quiet and simple boats.
  • The Enys Birchbark Canoe: A late-1700's treasure rediscovered in a stone barn in England.
  • Uffa Fox: Madman or Genius?: Part 2: Free as air.

    Getting Started in Boats Vol 30: Marine Radios-Operating VHF radios




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