How To Build the Ocean Pointer

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Based on the Alton Wallace 18' round-bilged outboard skiff known as the West Pointer, the Ocean Pointer is a bit larger, and a significantly drier boat with a sweeping sheer, able to accommodate a 25-75 hp outboard.

Designer/builder David Stimson created this boat to be strip-built (narrow pieces of wood), which is an especially forgiving building method for the less experienced builder.

This book provides step-by-step instructions on the building process so the reader will easily be able to determine if this is their ideal craft, and if so inclined, have at it. She'll move nicely through the water, and between that sweeping sheer and the handsome tumblehome aft, she has a shape you'll never tire of.



  • Introduction:From West Pointer to Ocean PointerOcean Pointer's design and construction

    Chapter I Design and Performance

  • To vee or not to vee: A question of flat bottom vs. deadrise
  • Ocean Pointer's hull lines, and how they affect performance

    Chapter II Getting Started

  • Setting up your shop
  • Safe use of power tools
  • Safe handling of epoxy
  • Tips for successful gluing
  • Construction overview
  • Materials and supplies

    Chapter III Making Molds and Patterns

  • Materials
  • Making the cockpit molds
  • Patternmaking

    Chapter IV The Backbone: Keel, Stem, and Transom

  • Materials
  • Inner and outer keel
  • The inner stem
  • The outer stem
  • The forefoot
  • The transom

    Chapter V Making the Bulkhead Frames and Setting Up

  • Materials
  • Bulkhead frames and motorwell sides
  • The cockpit sole
  • The ceiling
  • Setting up the molds
  • Marking the stations and setting up the cockpit molds
  • Installing the motorwell sides and bracing the molds
  • Installing the cockpit sole and transom
  • Installing the ceiling
  • Installing the bulkhead frames
  • Installing the inner keel
  • Installing the stem
  • Applying epoxy fillets
  • Installing the outer keel
  • Beveling the bulkhead frames
  • Beveling the forward end of the inner keel
  • Beveling the transom
  • Sealing the plywood
  • Installing the control cable and wiring conduits
  • Installing the Styrofoam flotation

    Chapter VI Planking

  • Materials
  • Removing the temporary fastenings
  • Preparing the plank strips
  • Planking the hull
  • Applying the fillets
  • Cutting off the planking parallel to the sheer

    Chapter VII Completing the Exterior

  • Materials
  • Fairing the hull
  • Installing the outer stem and forefoot
  • Flipping the boat

    Chapter VIII Preparing for Decking

  • Materials
  • Planing the sheer
  • Fitting and fastening the inner rubrails
  • Dynel cockpit sheathing
  • The deck framing

    Chapter IX Laying the Deck

  • Materials
  • Marking and cutting out the deck panels
  • Installing the deck panels
  • Sheathing the deck with Dynel

    Chapter X Completing the Woodwork

  • Materials
  • Building the center console and seat box
  • Building the forward seat
  • Making the coamings
  • The outer rubrails
  • Striking the waterline

    Chapter XI Controls, Deck Hardware, and Finishing

  • Materials
  • Mounting the hardware
  • The helm
  • The control lever
  • The control cables
  • The splashwell mounting kit
  • Scupper drains
  • Running lights
  • Ventilators
  • Bow chocks
  • Panel and battery switch
  • Ignition switch
  • Mooring and stern cleats
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Installing the console
  • Installing the seat box
  • The battery box
  • The fuel tanks
  • Choosing a motor
  • Painting and varnishing
  • Finishing touches

    Appendix I Sources for Materials

    Appendix II Repairs and Maintenance

    (Full-sized patterns/offsets not included with the book)

    by David Stimson
    57 pp., softcover
    9 x 11"
    ISBN: 0-937822-72-8

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    Robert Wood

    How To Build the Ocean Pointer

    Terry Totten
    Ocean pointer

    This DownEast Ocean Pointer, is a project that I’ve been thinking about for years. Beautiful Sheer, nice Tumblehome, efficient planing hull, driven by moderate horse power, this all built in the strip plank process. I’ve secured the materials, and have just started the construction. Looking forward to the journey.

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