Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction

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A thorough study of cold-molding techniques, covering three basic methods of laminated construction: mold, strip, and stringer-frame.
These folks make West System epoxy, and they know what they're talking about.

Table of Contents:

  • Before You Build
  • Estimating Materials and Labor
  • Tools and Boat Shop
  • Wood as a Structural Material
  • Buying Wood
  • WEST SYSTEM Products
  • Safety
  • Laminating and Bonding Techniques
  • Scarfing
  • Coating and Finishing
  • Synthetic Fibers and WEST SYSTEM Epoxy
  • Making Mold Frames and Permanent Frames
  • Setting Up
  • Keels, Stems and Sheer Clamps
  • Laminated Hulls - A General Discussion
  • The Mold Method: Building the Mold
  • The Mold Method for Laminating Hulls
  • The Strip Plank Method for Laminating and Strip
  • Composite Construction
  • The Stringer-Frame Method for Laminating Hells
  • Hard Chine Plywood Construction
  • Building and Developing Compounded Plywood Hulls
  • Interior Construction
  • Deck construction
  • Hardware Bonding

    by the Gougeon Brothers, 5th edition
    397 pp.,




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