Getting Started in Boats SET 41-60

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Getting Started: 41-60 in just one Download!

Download these 20 issues in one fell swoop, and save a few dollars, too. Plus, the way we've compiled these, you can keyword search (using Acrobat's Edit-Find function) and it will look through all 20 issues.


  • Vol 41: Compasses
  • Vol 42: Rules of the Road
  • Vol 43: A Sailing Blade: knife considerations
  • Vol 44: Towing
  • Vol 45: Keeping Watch
  • Vol 46: Cordage
  • Vol 47: Making Fast
  • Vol 48: Putting Your Boat to Bed
  • Vol 49: Waking Up Your Boat
  • Vol 50: Cooking Afloat
  • Vol 51: Fighting Fire Afloat
  • Vol 52: Inboard Power
  • Vol 53: Outboard Power
  • Vol 54: Reefing
  • Vol 55: Plotting Courses at Night
  • Vol 56: Running Aground
  • Vol 57: Bailers and Pumps
  • Vol 58: Night Falls
  • Vol 59: Local Genius, Part 1, Ancestors & Heirs
  • Vol 60: Local Genius, Part 2, The Lure of Thin Water




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