Professional BoatBuilder #181 Oct/Nov 2019

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Professional BoatBuilder magazine

October/November 2019

On the cover: At South African builder Matrix Yachts, heavily customized sailing catamarans are built using the split female hull mold in the foreground. Intended for private and charter fleet ownership, Matrix catamarans are at the higher end of the production sailing multihull market that is increasingly defined by well-made and labor-intensive South African boats. Story on page 32.
Photograph by Nigel Calder.

The Sea Sled Files
by Michael G. Morabito.
Cold War–era data from U.S. and Soviet government-sponsored tests refine understanding of the potentials and limitations of the inverted-V hull type.

Return to Cape Town
by Nigel Calder.
After 17 years the author revisits South Africa to find that players have changed, but the boatbuilding game there remains largely the same.

 Learning to Laminate, Learning to Fair
by Dan Spurr.
Partnered with local boatbuilders, Cape Fear Community College offers students a curriculum that leads directly to industry jobs.

 a = F/m
by Karl Wagner.
German yacht company SAY builds runabouts in carbon following automotive manufacturing discipline and adhering to Newton’s second law.

Dealer’s Choice
by Marilyn DeMartini.
Boat dealer Luke Brown Yachts refits a Nordic Tug on spec and uses it for therapeutic cruises while it’s on the market.


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