Boat Hook Kit

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We supply the bronze hook and instructions, you supply the handle, and then craft a beautiful, traditional boat hook that stands upright in water. If you drop the hook overboard, retrieval is easy.

8.25" X 1.25"
Please note, this version is a bit heavier (12 oz instead of 8-9 oz as in the past) so you may need to either do some extra shaping of the handle, or drill out a bit of the bronze in the hollow, to lighten the hook, in order to help the handle stick up enough out of the water should it go overboard.

Instructions include four pages... drawings, measurements, and variations survey with different types of wood, taper, ends, and how well (or not) they did with the upright float test.

by Jon Wilson

The November 2018 issue of Small Boats Monthly features a "Padook", a Greenland style paddle + hook combo. Click SBM

Customer Reviews

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Chris Woodward
Boat Hook Kit

Quality brass casting, well defined instructions, reasonable price.
She floated on her lines!

Stephen Jackson
Boat Hook Review

The order arrived the next day! I found an old ash hand rail and whittled it down for a handle. The instructional article was very precise and informative. The boat hook has made docking much easier.

Steve Brookman
Good deal

Not only is it well made and competitively priced it comes with 4 pages of Jon Wilson's instructions.

Bob McKay

Boat Hook Kit

Bronze Boat Hook

I haven't had time to make the handle yet, but am very pleased with the hook and it's weight and finish. Delivery was quick and efficient.

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