Boat Design Quarterly Vol #24

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November 2002

Table of Contents:


  • Lena: A fast 47' daysailer from Bob Stephens
  • Calisto V. Canelli: John Atkin's robust 27' power cruiser
  • Fox: A 13'6" double-paddle canoe by Norman L. Skene
  • LaCabotin: A 40' shoal-draft liveaboard from Phil Bolger & Friends
  • Wee Seal II: Iain Oughtred's 18'6"cruising sloop in the Norwgian spirit
  • Walrus: Norman L. Skene's 17'2" modified Greenland kayak
  • Fulica: A 15' plywood sloop from Philip H. Kendrick
  • *Tursiops: A friendly 15' plywood kayak by Mike Alford

    Mike O'Brien's Boat Design Quarterly magazine describes plans for paddle, oar, power, and sail.

    The boats come from the boards of Atkin, Benford, Bolger, Chapelle, Gillmer, Stambaugh, Stephens, and other leading designers.

    Each issue of BDQ includes:

  • Quality reproductions of the designers' original drawings
  • Complete hull lines for most boats
  • Full particulars, including calculated performance ratios
  • Designers' addresses and phone numbers
  • Succinct design commentary



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