Babson Island 14 - STUDY PLANS -

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Single Study Plans are Only Available as Digital Downloads

Designed by Tom Hill and Jon Wilson.

Plans include three variations on the hull:
  • sheet ply (like our kits)
  • glue-lap-ply
  • power, suitable for up to a 2 horsepower outboard

    LOA: 14'
    Beam Length: 4'3"
    Draft: 6"
    Displacement: for rowing version: 125 lbs.
    Propulsion: Sail, oars, 2-hp outboard.
    Skill Level to Build: Basic.

    Plans contain 17 sheets of drawings, full-sized mold patterns so no lofting is required (no offsets are included with the plans). Boat requires 2 sheets of 1/4" ply, and 2 Sheets of 3/8" ply.The rig is same lug rig as used on the Joel White-designed 7'7" Nutshell Pram, although with a longer (8'-9") mast.



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