24' Shore Liner

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By William and John Atkin, SHORE LINER is a flat-bottomed sloop... basically a big sailing skiff. The father/son team of William and John Atkin designed this boat at the request of an experienced sailor who knew what he wanted, accepted the trade-offs of hull speed to the stability and comfort. Sail plan shows three reefs, and it's suggested to use them. Cedar planking for the hull with the bottom cross-planked in white oak. Atkins have included additional info for ply construction. Plans include six sheets, lofting required.

LOA: 24'
LWL: 22'
Beam: 9'
Draft: 1' (cb up)
6'6" (cb down)Displacement: 3,000 lbs
Sail area: 363 sq ft
Skill needed: Basic to Intermediate
Lofting required? Yes. 

There was a design review in WoodenBoat #227.



Shore Liner was featured in Boat Design Quarterly #3.



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