Professional BoatBuilder #177 Feb/March 2019

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Professional BoatBuilder Magazine

February/March 2019

On the cover: Like fireworks, an arc occurs during ignition of the two torches used for parallel welding on a 12m (39.4') aluminum workboat built by Ophardt Maritim in Duisburg, Germany. Story on page 22.Photograph Alexandra Harin/Ophardt Maritim


  • Robotopia: by Dieter Loibner.  Ophardt Maritim, a German builder of aluminum boats, bets on robotic welding for improved quality and production efficiency.
  • Emergency Rudder Repairs en Espanol, Part 1: by Nigel Calder.  Making an unexpected repair overseas, a marine professional manages his own project in less-than-ideal working conditions and a tight timeline.
  • CAN Bus at Sea, Part 1: by Richard T. McLaughlin and Chris Quigley.  A technical review of CAN bus technology and a diagnostic case study of some faulty networked onboard systems.
  • Manuals in the Cloud: by Kelly Vaughn.  For component documentation and technical information about the installation and maintenance of onboard systems, make the simple move to Dropbox.
  • Letters, Etc... Readers comment on overcurrent protection on every battery; hidden costs of 3D-printed tooling; and the long-term impact of bad design.
  • Rovings : compiled by Dan Spurr. The Petestep hullform; Jensen's disappears from Seattle waterfront; new abrasives from Festool; vacuum-bagging at IBEX; getting the pink out of upholstery; High Strain Dynamics; and SAY sets electric boat record.
  • Parting Shot: by George Robson.  An engineer for high-speed boat experts Norson Design Works turns to automotive and aerospace designers to develop custom CFD software for marine applications.
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