Professional BoatBuilder #173 June/July 2018

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Professional BoatBuilder Magazine

June/July 2018

On the cover: Working from a hydraulic manlift at Newport (Rhode Island) Shipyard, Vinnie Pard marks an edge of a cutout he's made in the starboard topsides of a 60' (18.3m) Gunboat production catamaran. That opening will accommodate the upper trunk, or case, for a custom-designed and -built curved-carbon daggerboard. Pard will then repeat the process on the port hull, during an extensive refit conducted by Alfresco Composites of nearby Portsmouth. Photograph by Billy Black.


  • Hands-on, by Paul Lazarus. Advances in foil design, construction materials, and networked ride controls have led to a renaissance in hydrofoiling.
  • Foiling, Part 2: From Niche to Market. by Dieter Loibner. Numerous powerboat designers, builders, and entrepreneurs are striving to deliver the first successful mass-market hydrofoiler. No winner yet.
  • Skate 15, by Brandon Davis. Racer/raider/cruiser designed for kit construction offers high performance for a cash-strapped middle class.
  • Shape Shifters, by Charles Palamé. The promising and pragmatic case for morphing hulls that can change shape while under way.
  • Plus for this issues the Parting Shot, by Paul Lazarus.
    Revisiting NASA's trove of wood compression fatigue data on the advice of Meade Gougeon.


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