Professional BoatBuilder #163 October/November 2016

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Professional BoatBuilder Magazine

October/November 2016

The luxurious Pirelli PZero 1400 (45.9'/14m), a performance runabout/tender built by TecnoRIB, won the coveted Red Dot Award, an international product-design competition. Ted Mannerfelt drew the model in 2007, one year after joining his father Ocke's diversified design-and-engineering practice, in Hamnvagen, Sweden. Story on page 26.



  • Team Mannerfelt by Paul Lazarus.
    Father-and-son duo Ocke and Ted Mannerfelt have a diverse design portfolio specializing in fast, safe boats. And very forward thinking.


  • The Unresolved Afterlife of Composite-Built Boats by Melissa Wood.
    Advances in recycling technology and resin chemistry may someday provide solutions for disposing of fiberglass boats. But there's work to do.


  • Without a Factory by Steve D'Antonio.
    Over 50 years, Vetus has become a global marine supplier through creative marketing, strategic partnerships, and in-house expertise.


  • Misbehavioral Analysis by Michael G. Morabito.
    An investigation into why some high-speed, shallow-draft boats were experiencing dynamic instabilities-and end-swapping incidents.


  • Builders' Takes on NDE by Tony Jones.
    Custom and production boat builders offer their views on using non- destructive examination techniques to ensure the quality of new boats and components.


  • Fund My Boat (Please) by Hans Buitelaar.
    The growing popularity of crowdfunding has some boatbuilders looking to the Internet to raise money for their next projects.


  • New Materials from Aerospace by Bruce Pfund.
    Emerging technologies offer potential to boatbuilders for lightning protection, adjustable running surfaces, and stronger laminates.


  • A Study in Consolidation by Marianne Scott.
    In the past 13 years German yacht builder Hanse has acquired seven new brands, developed 26 new models, and automated much of its assembly line.


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