Professional BoatBuilder #161 June/July 2016

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Professional BoatBuilder Magazine

June/July 2016

On the cover: Wisps of dry fiberglass from a laminate sample confirmed what non-destructive examination of a two-year-old 52.5' (16m) auxiliary sloop had suggested: the original resin infusion was incomplete. The next challenge was how to repair it. Story on page 36. Photograph by Roby Scalvini.



  • Under the Radar by Paul Lazarus.  Founded in 2006, Florida-based Tampa Yacht Manufacturing has developed a reputation for robust performance workboats, purpose- built for military and commercial applications, mostly in other countries.


  • Infusion Gone Wrong Made Right by Roby Scalvini.  Seriously flawed resin infusion could have doomed a two-year-old sloop to the rubbish bin, but an ambitious repair strategy made her into the boat she was originally intended to be.


  • Sun Drive by Hans Buitelaar.  Recent technological advances and changes in the boating market have made powering boats with only solar panels a reality, albeit a limited one.


  • Frequencies of Fouling by Nigel Calder.  Finding promise in ultrasonic antifouling technology as a nontoxic supplement to traditional copper-based bottom paint.


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