Professional BoatBuilder #155 June/July 2015

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Professional BoatBuilder Magazine

June/July 2015

On the cover: The stable tripod and large laser illumination array allow the crew from NDE Solutions (Palma de Mallorca, Spain) to examine the entire Kevlar honeycomb-cored carbon laminate hull, deck, and bulkheads in this new 100' (30.5m) high-performance sailing yacht in just 240 shots, taken over three workdays. Conventional vacuum-hood laser shearography would have required 10,000 shots to test the same laminate area. Story on page 38.



  • Fast Company by Dan Spurr.  A confab of 1960s- and '70s-era offshore powerboat racers and builders tells how the boats were designed, built, and broken.
  • Shearography in the Expanded Frame by Roby Scalvini.  Advances in laser shearography allow for non-destructive examination of large areas in less time and at lower cost than ever before.
  • Chemical Conversion by Mark Lenci.  An owner makes the switch from lead-acid to lithium batteries aboard his cruising sailboat.
  • Some Assembly Required by Paul Lazarus.  How a conventional boatyard developed an unconventional, profitable sideline involving shorthanded offshore racing yachts.

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