Professional BoatBuilder #150 August/September 2014

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Professional BoatBuilder Magazine

August/September 2014



  • The Membrane Concept. 
    In 1970 a team of composites specialists worked with Fabmat to develop a membrane skin with predicted deflection on a 36' (11M) powerboat.
  • Are Your Dealers Franchisees?
    Boatbuilders who terminate or alter dealer agreements may run afoul of franchise statutes, which differ from state to state.
  • H/G-H Pilot Boats,  Part 1.
    Pilot boats produced by a design/build venture began in the late 1970's between two venerable Massachusetts firms C. Raymond Hunt Associates, and Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding-now donimate the US fleet.
  • Praise for Big Props.
    In reevaluating the relationship between propeller size and horsepower of conventional marine diesels powering displacement hulls, for efficeincy, go with the large prop.
  • The ABC's of UT.
    if you can invest in just one advanced non-destructive testing technology, it should be ultrasonic.

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