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8 page supplement to WoodenBoat magazine issue #210, Sept/Oct 2009.

Lofting, How to Loft a Simple Boat Plan. It's a topic that has spooked more people... transfering a set of numbers into a 3-D shape. Read it, get un-spoooked.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
divendra nath
Easy learn lofting

I am so pleased to get this book now i understand what is lofting a boat.I have learnt a lot with this book.Thankyou for the book.

Bob Bream
A beginner to lofting

I purchased this book because I have a desire to build a boat from a set of numbers. Probably stupid but I want the challenge. This book is just what I was looking for. While it is somewhat more difficult to understand than I expected, I have found that it covers the subject well and with time I expect I will be able to meet my goal.

Edward Roxbury

This is a great starting point for the understanding of lofting.

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