Traditional Boatbuilding Made Easy: Building Heidi

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Subtitled "A 12' Skiff for Oar and Sail" the boat can be planked in cedar, white pine, or spruce. Same options for the bottom, although you could opt for top-quality ply, especially if you were to car-top the boat.


You can build directly from this book, as there are mold patterns with detailed measurements included. She is 12' long with a 3' 10-3/4" beam.

Table of Contents:

  • In the Beginning
  • Getting Started
  • Setting Up
  • Fitting the Garboards and the Chines
  • The Bottom Planks
  • The Remaining Side Planks, the Keel, and the Skeg
  • Turning Over the Boat, Fitting the Quarter Knees and Breasthook
  • The Frames, Rises, Seats, and Oarlock Pads
  • Filling, Painting, and Varnishing
  • A Good Pair of Oars
  • The Sailing Rig
  • A Few Final Comments and Then We Launch Her

    by Richard Kolin
    84 pp., softcover
    9 x 11"
    ISBN # 0-937822-40-X

  • See a how-to on our WoodenBoat Forum. Click HEIDI BUILD.

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