Tolman Alaskan Skiffs

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With its plywood stitch-and-glue construction, this Alaskan Skiff is an ideal boat. But this is not an instant boat, with roughly 300 hours of your time for the building process, resulting in a 20' hard-chined skiff. This is a thorough manual from which to build.

Table of Contents:

  • Defining the Tolman Skiff
    Part One - Design
    Part Two - Construction
  • Design Choices
    Part One - Which Skiff? A Description of Skiff Models
  • Tools & Shop Space
    Part One - The Shop
    Part Two - Woodworking Tools
  • Tools for Epoxy and Fiberglass
  • Choosing Materials
  • Materials List
  • Using Epoxy & Fiberglass
  • Preparing the Plywood
  • Making the Frame Members
  • Building the Transom
  • Making the Bottom
  • Framing the Skiff and Placing the Bottom
  • Installing the Rear Framing and Hanging the Sides
  • Finishing the Outside of the Hull
  • Finishing the Inside of the Hull
  • Some Options for Open Skiffs
  • Building the a Cuddy Cabin
  • Windshields and Hardtops
  • Decks, Fuel Tanks and Pedestal Seat
  • The Kachemak Bay and Full Wheelhouse Cabins
    Part One- The Kachemak Bay Cabin
    Part Two - The Full Wheelhouse Cabin
  • Finishing Touches for All Skiffs
  • Some Add-ons
  • Applying Nonskid and Paint; Installing Windows and Hardware
  • Care, Repair and Maintenance

    by Renn Tolman
    246 pp., softcover
    8-1/2 x 11"

    See WoodenBoat issues 280, 281, 282 and 283 for a four part, Tolman Skiff building article.

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    Hans Blixin Smallies
    Tolman AK skiffs

    If I'm gonna do it, this is going to be my guide. Such detail and insight. I'd love to see some of these boat builds in the wild.

    thomas White
    Tolman Alaskan Skiffs

    All the information to build 3 variations of Tolman’s skiffs. Must study the whole book to understand. WB issues 280 thru 283 (articles by John Marples) make make the build very clear.

    robert godard
    tolman alaskan skiff

    To build the Tolman Alaskan Skiff(s), the book by Renn Tolman is a must have. There are no published plans I know of. The book is the plans. Also, Wooden Boat Magazine offers four issues - #280, 281, 282, and (i'm assuming) 283 - that everyone wishing to build this boat should be purchasing as well. They cover and elucidate, through pictures and explanations, several aspects of the build that are a bit fuzzy in the book. In addition, i urge all prospective builders to use YouTube to further aid in pictorial coverage. Even though having built a 22 foot Simmons Sea Skiff, I used the Wooden Boat Magazine's coverage of building the Simmons; without which would have made it more difficult to accomplish. So, my recommendation is to gather all this material well in advance, so as to become as familiar as possible with the build; before you embark.

    William Wilde

    Great book. Getting inspired to build

    Frank H.
    Great book

    About half way through reading it, very comprehensive and well thought out.

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