The WoodenBoat Password - Address Book

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The "little black book" has found new life because unlike phone numbers, you don't want to keep passwords on your phone.

Although you likely now store addresses on your phone, and it syncs with your tablet and laptop, we're finding a resurgence with these address books. Why? Passwords. You really (really) don't want to store them on your computer. And, likely compared with five years ago, you have many more passwords to deal with: email, phone, cable bill, Netflix, PayPal, retirement fund, checking, savings, as well as several social media, your favorite e-commerce sites, your GoDaddy, Weebly, DropBox etc etc ETC. So perhaps you should graduate from the various scraps of paper, to our nice little black book.

Covered in smooth black leather imprinted with gold foil, are alliterative nautical illustrations for each of the letters of the alphabet created for this book by Maine artist Heidi Gommo. It's smythe sewn, has head and tail bands, and it's a handy size, at 3-3/4" x 6-1/4" tall. 188 pages.


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Andrew Washburn

The WoodenBoat Password - Address Book

Paul Marucci

The WoodenBoat Password - Address Book

Tom Meier
Organized Passwords

The WoodenBoat Password - Address Book is a life saver. I'd be sunk without it.
Previously I had all my passwords scribbled on one sheet of paper back and front.
Nothing was alphabetized and the scribblings made it hard to find. Now the passwords are in their proper alphabetical order and life is good.

Christopher Lyttle
Very nice "Address" book

Great quality. Great price. An old concept with a new use. Love it!

john holt

it works for me...

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