Small Yachts

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We revived this book in the mid-80s, but it was again out of print for many years. It's such an extraordinary book, chock-full of lines drawings, that we had to bring it back into print. 

Small Yachts is such a fascinating look at a wonderful array of craft from the past that we had to bring it back to life. It's packed with sharpies, canoe yawls, cutters, a variety of catboats, plussneakboxes, bugeyes, and more.This is a careful reprint of the original 1891 book (less some technicals). Re-discover this jewel of a text.

12 Chapters Include:


  • 1) Centreboard Catboats
  • 2) Keel Catboats
  • 3) Light Draft Centreboard Sloops
  • 4) Deep Centreboard Sloops
  • 5) Light Draft Keel Yachts
  • 6) Deep Draft Keel Yachts
  • 7) Compromise Keel and CentreboardYachts
  • 8) Beamy Cutters
  • 9) Cutters of Moderate Beam
  • 10) Cutters of Small Beam
  • 11) Yachts of Special Class
  • 12) General Information

    by C.P. Kunhardt
    288 pp., hardcover
    9 x 12"
    ISBN: 0-937822-00-0

    And, if you are into building half-hull models from waterlines and buttock lines, this book is modeler's heaven. For a handy article on just how to do that, see WoodenBoat #182, where Eric Dow builds the lovely Maid of Endor from the lines drawings. If you don't have that issue, the print version is sold out, but you can download the PDF version of the issue.

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    Wonderful hard cover book on small sailboat design and story. Definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to learn more about yachts affordability for average people.

    Robert Harrison
    Drawings only

    I was a little disappointed. I thought there might be some photos of boats that were built and perhaps more interior details. I’m glad I got it on sale. Still it’s a very nicely done book and I plan to spend more time with it.

    Dudley Miller
    Small Yachts

    This is work from 100 years ago. The writing style is often obtuse and confusing, but still fun. The author is definitely opinionated about hull design related to seaworthiness. And I agree with him.

    Mark Schreiber
    Small Yachts by C.P.Kunhardt

    Concisely written descriptions, with plenty of detail. Sargent Friday would approve. Love perusing these drawings of 135 year old works of functional sea-going works of art. When I need a little time-out from 2023, this is excellent therapy, and money well spent!

    Larry Mager
    A most FABULOUS Book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got "Small Yachts" about a week and a half ago and I did not realize that WB Books sold reprints of it. When I found out that it was carried, I ordered it. It was delivered in a VERY reasonable length of time and WOW!!!!! This book is AMAZING! This book delivers with a very complete history of small yachts and frankly, if I had the money, I'd have one built to the plans. Speaking of plans, there are many types and I'd say 99% of them are complete plans and COULD be used for building. In my opinion, this is THE book to have if one could only have one book of plans. GET this book. You won't regret it. Oh, and the price is excellent as well

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