WB's SMALL BOATS magazine 2013

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Ten Great Destinations
Small-boat cruising at its best.

The Kaholo
Stand-up Paddleboard.

The Savo 650S
Innovation from Finland- technology confronts tradition.

Manitou 18 (WB Plan 400-071)
A classic plywood runabout.

Phoenix III
A sail-and-oar beach cruiser.

Sea Flea Hydroplane
Small boat, big fun.

Yacht tender, daysailer, trainer.

The AS-17
A working-class skiff.

A Gil Smith catboat, in miniature.

The Rangeley Boat
A nimble rowing craft from Maine's lake country.

Designed and built for Alaskan waters.

The Spaulding 16
A tribute to a Bay Area designer.

The Lyman Runabout
A 1950's classic in lapstrake plywood.

A sailing canoe.

Fairehope (WB Plan 400-044)
A 21' hard-chined adventurer by Nelson Zimmer.

The Rambler 18
A runabout for adventure.

Heritage 23
A kit boat inspired by the Great Lakes Mackinaw.

The Cross Island Skiff
Ready to carry just about anything, just about anywhere.

A svelte and versatile new kayak from Pygmy boats.

A camp utility garvey.

Hazel 18
A brand-new classic daysailer.

The Elson Perry
A sailing treasure from the past.

You'll get 112 pages of small boats... this is an annual publication.


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